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TRI General Improvement District provides potable water, non-potable process water, and wastewater services exclusively to commercial and industrial customers located within the Tahoe Reno Industrial (TRI) Center. TRI-GID was created in 2000 by the Storey County Board of County Commissioners in accordance with the provisions of NRS 318.  At TRI-GID we understand the value of local government in utility management, but we also understand the inherent challenges of dealing with big government.  The creation of the GID under NRS 318 provides for some of the most valuable components of effective governance: transparency, stakeholder engagement, and oversight by elected officials.  However, TRI-GID is also mindful to avoid the creation of governmental bureaucracy wherever possible.  Our goal is to maintain a balanced, nimble, dynamic organization that can respond efficiently to meet the current and future needs of our amazing and diverse customers. In other words, we're here to help our customers be successful.



Online bill pay options are now available. You can select the link below to register your account.  This new online option will allow customers to view and pay. If you have any questions about registering please contact Xpress Bill Pay Customer Service at 1-800-766-2350.   

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